This article will discuss the installation of DDEX Provider for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017. At this time (08/08/2017) there is still no DDEX Provider installer for Visual Studio 2017. The latest version is, which does not prescribe the required data source (Firebird Data Source) In the Visual Studio 2017 shell. This is due to the fact that Visual Studio 2017 started to use its private registry to store its settings, instead of the configuration file.
Initially, the list of sources looks like this:
VS2017without firebird sourceWhat it is necessary to make, that in the list of sources there was a treasured record “Firebird Data Source”? Detailed instructions below. The whole procedure will take you no more than 5 minutes.

Step 1: Install the DDEX Provider 3.0.2

Download DDEX Provider 3.0.2 and install it. Usually it is installed in the folder C: Program Files (x86) FirebirdDDEX.

Step 2. Preparing the reg-file

Download the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the base reg-file, depending on the bit depth of your operating system. Locate the folder on your computer where the Visual Studio 2017 settings are stored. Typically, it is located here: C: Users AppData Local Microsoft VisualStudio. Find the folder whose name begins with 15.0_. In this case it is 15.0_3ab834cd. Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Settings path

Open the base reg file in Notepad and make the following changes:

###15.0_Config### to 15.0_3ab834cd (11 replacements)

###DDEX_PATH### to C:\\Program Files (x86)\\FirebirdDDEX (1 replacement)

Double-slashes are required. The result is the following file:


The reg-file is ready. Save it.

Step 3. Edit the private registry

Run Regedit. Highlight the HK_USERS section. Select File -> Load Hive. We select the file privateregistry.bin, which is located in the settings folder of Visual Studio 2017 (in this case C: Users AppData Local Microsoft VisualStudio 15.0_3ab834cd). Specify VS2017PrivateRegistry as the name of the bush


Click OK. Run on execution of the previously saved registry file or import it through regedit. Expand the HKEY_USERS section. Highlight the newly created section of VS2017PrivateRegistry. Choose File -> Unload Hive.


Run Visual Studio 2017 and check to see if the Firebird Data Source appears in the list.

Запускаем Visual Studio 2017 и проверяем, появился ли источник Firebird в списке.

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