Welcome to the mega millions statistics analyzer and visualizer. Prediction given here helps to imagine what numbers are most common.

Are mega millions numbers random?

Yes, sure. But there are some dependencies that can't be seen unless you're looking at charts. Visual representation of data is always easier to understand.

1. Most common numbers

This chart shows that it's worth choosing among green numbers rather than red, because the frequency of former ones is higher.

But, it's interesting that any red number may be most probably in a next draw. How can it be? OK, let's move on to the next chart.

2. What numbers should I pick?

From the previous chart we can see that number appears on average every drawings, but it still haven't been drawn for times! And it should have appeared drawings ago! So, every next draw makes it most likely number.

3. What is the luckiest number ever?

Next five charts show some statistics in terms of each ball.

3.1. First ball statistics

3.2. Second ball statistics

3.3. Third ball statistics

3.4. Fourth ball statistics

3.5. Fifth ball statistics

Is there a trick to win the lottery?

Combining all given information surely will increase your chances of success. Good luck! Hope this mega millions winning numbers statistics analyzer may come in handy!